NEWS – Last Wall update with screeningdates


Hyder Aljezairi’s film Last Wall screeningdates at the ‘Nederlands Filmfestival’ in Utrecht are announced. It wil be shown at Saturday the 24th of september at 13.15u and at Monday the 26th of september at 21.30u at Wolff City 2. Tickets are available on the website of the NFF.

The film has recently won ‘best short film’ at the Chandler Filmfestival and is selected for the Canadian Diversity Filmfestival.

NEWS – release Zen app


Recently I designed a bell sound for a Zen meditation app for I had lots of fun doing it. The sound is based on a recording of an original Japanese templebell which is very hard to reproduce on a telephone speaker.

If you’re into Zen and have the need for a wonderful timer, check the app out at the iTunes Store or at the Google Play Store.

NEWS – Film ‘Wild Flower’


I’m very proud to be part of the film ‘Wild Flower’ by Fathia Bazi. The film is about Lule, a 75 year old farmer that has lived on the countryside of Albania her whole life. She tells her remarkable life story while sharing her humour an her wisdom with us.
This is a remarkable film that is in its last stages of production. I did the sounddesign and mix for the film.

As soon as screening dates are announced, I will post an update.



Youtube now has the great feature of broadcasting whole concerts. This is a great way to watch all those rare concerts that are so hard to get on a dvd nowadays.
This is the concert Portishead will always be remembered by. Amazing arrangements with strings and a band that is playing as small as they can to make these complex layers work.Listen to all the tiny original sounds that this concert is filled with. The great guitarist Adrian Utley is a creative sound designer that makes this recording a listening journey.
Also notice the creative use of the turntablist (dj) as an instrument. No showing off here, just an extra percussive and melodic element. Brilliant!