NEWS- Philosophy at the AKI


I’m happy to announce that next semester I will be teaching philosophy at the AKI Academy of Art and Design. The AKI is a inspiring art school that has a strong focus on practice which I find indispensable.

I am looking forward to be able to work with the students on the philosophical foundations of connecting art to thinking.



NEWS – Screening The Last Wall by Haider Aljezairi


On Wednesday 6 July at the Fin! Filmfestival the wonderful film The Last Wall by Haider Aljezairi will screen at Lantarenvenster in Rotterdam.

Haider approached me with his remarkable project at the beginning of this year. He was about to travel to Kuwait and Iraq to film a fictional film with a local crew and actors nearby a conflict zone. The film is about local villagers having to leave their homes and families to fight against ISIS. The script is based on a true story and is filmed at the locations were it took place with a crew and actors that have experienced events like the one the film is based on firsthand.

When he first told me the details I was very surprised by the sheer ambition and adventure of his plan. To be honest, I was even a bit skeptical if he could pull it off. At the same time I was so curious about the material he was going to shoot, that I immediately promised to help him out with the sounddesign of his project. The result is this wonderful short film that has combines a local setting and atmosphere with a universal story about the basic human need of shelter.

Haider Aljezairi has a remarkable life story himself. He lived in a lot of different places in the Middle East and used to be a war correspondent during the last Iraqi war. In the Netherlands he started a new life, learned to speak Dutch flawlessly within a couple of years and studied movie direction at the Willem de Kooning Academy. He is undeniably a great talent and I am very curious to see what his next project is going to be.


NEWS – Film ‘Wild Flower’


I’m very proud to be part of the film ‘Wild Flower’ by Fathia Bazi. The film is about Lule, a 75 year old farmer that has lived on the countryside of Albania her whole life. She tells her remarkable life story while sharing her humour an her wisdom with us.
This is a remarkable film that is in its last stages of production. I did the sounddesign and mix for the film.

As soon as screening dates are announced, I will post an update.