Among other things I work as an independent sound engineer/designer and producer. These are some of the projects I worked on. This page is being overhauled. For recent portfolio additions, please email me. 

Cello Girls EP (2018), in collaboration with Emily Kocken. presentation 20 October C&H Gallery

Attending To Agnes (2018), for Pilar Mata Dupont, shown at Bendigo Art Gallery, Australia.

Ersin in Wonderland (2017) series for VPRO Television (Baard/Asselbergs). Nominated for ‘de Zilveren Nipkowschijf 2017’ (link whole series)

FESS, On and On (2017), music

Various campaigns for tv/internet radio (2017) Here are some examples:

Renault RS01/Jumbo campaign for Dorst en Lesser (2017)
sounddesigner/rerecording mixer

Sally Hansen influencers campaign for Dorst en Lesser (2017)
sounddesigner/rerecording mixer

Renault Clio/Megane Easy Life Pack campaign for Dorst en Lesser (2017)
sounddesigner/rerecording mixer

Dacia Zeker Wel campaign for Dorst en Lesser (2017)
sounddesigner/rerecording mixer

Renault RS The Gift (2016)
sounddesigner/rerecording mixer

De Kuur (2017) for Emily Kocken/Querido publishers (booktrailer)

Renault Drive and Surprise campaign (2017) for Dorst en Lesser.
sounddesigner/rerecording mixer

Raffaelo in het Wild (2016) – A film by Rachel Visscher (Official selection Festival de Cannes 2017 Short Film Corner, Official selection Cinekid 2016, Wildlife Film Festival 2016)
sounddesigner/rerecording mixer

The Last Wall (2016) – A film by Haider Aljezairi (nominated for Drempelprijs 2016, selectie Nederlands filmfestival 2016)
sounddesigner/rerecording mixer

Verkocht (2016) – 48H Amsterdam film

Renault Megane – commercial for Dorst & Lesser
sounddesigner/rerecording mixer

Closing Time (2016) – A film by Omid Pourashemi

Wild Flower (2016) – A documentary film by Fathia Bazi (Winner Best Debut at DocuTiff 2016)
sounddesigner/rerecording mixer

Naut, Meander, Brandaan – educational method by Malmberg publishing for Studio Toendra
audio editor

Tanqueray – Frank E Hollywood sharing his creativity – commercial for Dorst & Lesser
sounddesigner/rerecording mixer

Lola (2016) – a film by Richard Standeven
sounddesigner/rerecording mixer

Tanqueray – Michiel van Eerde sharing his flavour – commercial for Dorst & Lesser
sounddesign/rerecording mixer

Renault Talisman – commercial for RTL4 (for Dorst & Lesser)
(rerecording mixer)


Wachtnacht/Nightshift (2016) – A film by Ken van Mierlo (selectie Nederlands filmfestival 2016)
(sounddesigner/rerecording mixer)


One Minute Blues (2016) – Gustan Asselbergs
(mixing/mastering engineer)

London Jazz project (2016) – Stephen Edwards
(producer/recording engineer)

Filosofie Oost-West Podcast (forthcoming)

Pending Variations I – Red Book – Wjm Kok (2015 – contemporary art installation)
(mastering engineer)

Aday (2015 – single) – Stephen Edwards
(mastering engineer)

Beams (2015) – A film by Rosa Johanna (contemporary art installation)

Touch of Sugar (2015) 48H Utrecht film

one world.indd
One World (2015- single) – JP den Tex

A Vow (2015) A film by Dai-We Li (sounddesign/mixing)

Markie (2015) 48H Nijmegen film (sounddesign)

Hybrid orchestrations (2016-filmscore- forthcoming)

Acoustic Christmas (2014 – album) – 3JS
(awarded with a gold record)
(recording engineer)

Zaad (2014) 48H Utrecht film

Lucy D (2014) 48H Rotterdam film

Wardrobe Of Gender – A film by Max Diezenberg
(selectie Nederlands Filmfestival 2014)

Songhunters! (2014) – JP den Tex
(preproduction/recording engineer)

Meisje B (2014)- a film by Maïra Rachmadiev

Exopterygota (2014)- a film by Max Kutschenreuter

Player (2014) 48H Amsterdam film. Winner of the audience award

Als jij maar van me houdt (2014) – Jada Borsato
(recording engineer/ ass. producer)

Trip (2014) 48H Nijmegen film

Victim (2013) – a film by Arne Luiting


Dichter bij de horizon (2013 – album) – 3JS
(recording engineer)

Toscanini – JP den Tex
(production/recording engineer)

Silver Daggers – JB Meijers (Common Linnets), Wouter Hakoff (Trumpet) for Amsterdam Acoustics (2013)
(recording/mastering engineer)

Junior Dance (2013) – Tim Douwsma
(recording engineer)