NEWS – London jazz project – Steve Edwards


I’m very happy to report that in February London based jazz composer Steve Edwards will travel to Amsterdam with a wonderful band to record an album. I will produce it and preproduction is happening right now.

Steve Edwards is no stranger to the London jazzscene. He has been playing saxophones and composing for decades and he has now decided to collect a great group of musicians to finally record an album with his own music. While clearly influenced by modern jazzheros like Billy Strayhorn, Archie Shepp, and Wayne Shorter, his music also contains flavours from hiphop and Caribbean rhythms. The fact that Steve has been travelling the world from an early age to see generations of great players perform, not only makes him an incredible resource on all things jazz, but also comes through in his own highly original compositions.


Steve Edwards – saxophones
Samuel Eagles – alto sax
Duncan Eagles – tenor sax
Eric Ford – drums
Sam Leak – piano
Max Luthert – bass


NEWS – exhibition at IDEA festival – 7 november


On november 7 the film ‘Beams’ will be screened at the philosophy festival ‘IDEA’. This film is the result of a collaboration with visual artist Rosa Johanna. I made a soundscape that will be played with the film.

Beams ,2015 Series of 5, 2/5 Film screening I installation

Lloyd Hotel, Cultural Ambassy Amsterdam


15.30 h – 16.00 h
20.00 h – 20.30 h
20.45 h – 21.15 h

Visual artist Rosa Johanna researches the borders of the canvas. This research is based on the canvas but expend to video works, performances and curatori- al activities. In her research to artists like Lygia Clark and Agnes Martin she searches to the border of art disciplines and how lines do relate to a bigger universe.

NEWS – Official release single – One World – JP den Tex – Syria’s Request

one world.indd


On September 18 Cavalier Recordings released a new JP Den Tex single “One World” which is co-written and produced by me. All artist royalties will go to a campaign on behalf of Syrian refugees in Turkish, Jordanian and Lebanese refugee camps, in close corporation with Stichting Vluchteling. This is a Dutch foundation that dedicates all its efforts to the plight of migrants and refugees. The campaign will also try to raise awareness for Syrian asylum seekers in Europe.

Watch the videoclip:

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Walk a mile in their shoes: global income inequality lies at the heart of many of the world’s problems. Resulting in rising poverty and unemployment, religious fanaticism and civil war, migrant crises and illegal aliens… Isn’t it about time that some of our present-day rock stars joined the debate and left their ivory towers? The song “One World” was exclusively written for a campaign to raise both funds and awareness for Syrian refugees in 2015. 

NEWS – Release new single – JP den Tex – One World


On september 18 Cavalier recordings will release the new JP den Tex single ‘One World’. This single is produced and co-written by me. All royalties will be donated to a campaign to help Syrian refugees in Jordanian and Lebanese refugee camps in close coördination with Stichting Vluchteling.

NEWS – Goud voor de 3J’s


Ik wil de heren van de 3J’s van harte feliciteren met hun gouden plaat voor ‘Acoustic Christmas’ ( Ik heb met veel plezier meegewerkt aan dit project. De studio in Volendam is altijd een broeinest van creativiteit en ik ben erg blij dat het vele plezier en het harde werk van de band nog altijd op waardering kan rekenen van de fans. Hulde!